Private & Individual Consultation

The work you will be introduced to has three important components:  1) that reclaiming self-esteem and individual dignity, is the single most important factor a person can own; 2) this work is based on the principal that your thoughts, nothing more – nothing less, create your feelings, thus producing your behavior and/or circumstance.  So, if you don’t like your life the way it is now,
the power to change it lies in changing your thoughts; and, 3) this is a spiritually based concept.  It invites you to reacquaint yourself with your Essential/Knowing Self so that you can trust, love, and sustain a connection with who you really are.

I know, you know when you are truly ready to change.  I believe you will be led to the right person to walk with you.  I am loving, open and get right to the heart of the matter.  I am willing to set aside up to 3 hours for each session.  But you get to choose how much of those 3 hours you want to use, and you only pay for what you use.

My practice is in Denver, Colorado, but I work nationally by phone or Zoom and internationally by Zoom.

Private & Individual Consultation cost
Rates starting at $100.00 per hour
(Flexible rates are available in special circumstances.)
I accept Venmo, PayPal and checks.

Call Cate for details.