Personal Growth Mentor & Reiki Master

In my early 30’s, because I was ready and hungry to grow, I was “led” to my mentors who really resonated with me.   I felt safe to begin my own personal growth work.  Through a serendipitous miraculous unfolding that I will always cherish, I began an amazing journey that continues to this day.  In my career as a drug and alcohol counselor, I quickly realized that to “Just Say No” wasn’t enough.  That reclaiming self-esteem and individual dignity was the work that needed to be done.  And it has been my passion ever since.  So, in 1985, I co-founded TAP Resource Development Group where people have a place to go to “tap your inner resources” of knowing and remembering who you really are. 

I have been a Reiki Master since 1997.  It is my belief that in order to reclaim self-esteem and individual dignity we shouldn’t have to suffer through re-living the past.  Reiki can make the healing softer – more gentle.  Through a unique, visualization, which can even be done virtually, I will guide and hold space with you as you more deeply become aware of embedded wounds from childhood.  These wounds are pockets of negative thought eager to be released.  It is amazing to realize what has been stored up your entire life.  It is insightful to finally understand.  It is miraculous to let it go.  Reiki is a way to discover a felt sense of who you really are.

I am open, compassionate and intuitive. I’ve been successfully doing this work nearly 45 years, and I never tire of it because it is such a privilege and an honor to get to know you – the REAL you.  As a wife, mother, stepmother, grandmother, sister, friend, student and mentor, I am very dedicated to practicing in my own life what I teach and learn from you.

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