What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle, guided hands-on process that can connect you with a felt sense of self, which is the life force energy.  This powerful energy is always surrounding you, and wants to connect and embrace you like a blanket of protection.  While you are lying on a table – fully clothed – Cate guides this energy, allowing you to relax and more easily observe thoughts and feelings that are causing pain in your life.

Cate Gerstberger, Reiki Master since 1997

With her gentle hands and her profound ability to listen to the whisper of your energy, Cate guides and holds space with you as you can more deeply become aware of embedded wounds.  These wounds are pockets of negative thought eager to be released.  It is amazing to realize what has been stored up your entire life.  It is insightful to finally understand.  It is miraculous to let it go.  Reiki is a way to discover a felt sense of who you really are.


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